Rongfeng Cui (Ray)
Ph.D. Student

Rongfeng Cui

Department of Biology
Texas A&M University 

3258 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843 

Tel: 979.845.3614 

email:rcui AT 

Curriculum Vitae (updated August 2007)

Rongfeng Cui (崔融丰)

I received my bachelor's degree in 2008 at the biology department of Sun Yat-sen University (中山大學). My bachelor's degree thesis was on taxonomy and morphometrics of gobies (Perciformes, Gobiidae) in south China.

I am interested in how learning can affect female's mate choice. Cross-fostering experiments in cichlids had shown that early learning experience affected mate preference. Furthermore, assortative mating based on phenotypic discrimination may help to maintain low gene flow between subgroups within the same population and may have implications in sympatric speciation. Now I'm trying to expose Xiphophorus malinche fry to X. birchmanni, X. malinche and hybrid adults and to test their mate preference once they are sexually mature.

Previous studies in the swordtail system showed that females attend to water-soluble male olfactory cues during courtship, and they seem to discriminate species based on the water containing the cue. Collaborating with the Sorenson lab, we're trying to isolate and identify possible pheromones from the simulating water produced by the courting males.