Rosenthal Lab People and Collaborators

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Gil Rosenthal (Pittsburgh)
Photograph of Gil Rosenthal Gil Rosenthal
Principal investigator from Pittsburgh.
Zach Culumber
Photograph of Zach Culumber Zach Culumber
from Assumption, Illinois.
James Johnson
Photograph of James Bradley Johnson James Brad Johnson
from San Augustine, Texas.
Rongfeng Cui
Photograph of Rongfeng Cui Rongfeng Cui
崔融丰 from Canton, China.
Holly Kindsvater
Photograph of Holly Kindsvater Holly
from Hesperia, CA
Nick Ratterman
Photograph of Nick Ratterman Nick
from Golden, Colorado
Sunny Scobell
Photograph of Sunny Scobell Sunny
from Illiopolis, Illinois
Victoria Smith
Photograph of Victoria Smith Victoria
from Atlanta, Georgia
Olivia Ochoa
Photograph of Gil Rosenthal Olivia
from Texas.
Machteld Verzijden
Photograph of Rongfeng Cui Machteld Verzijden
from the Netherlands.
Michi Tobler
Photograph of Michael Tobler Michi Tobler
from St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Aaron Gray
Photograph of Aaron Gray Aaron Gray
from Norman, Oklahoma.
Chi-Cheng Wat
Photograph of Chi-Cheng Wat Chi-Cheng Wat
from Macao, China.
Amee Mehta
Photograph of Amee Mehta Amee Mehta
from Chicago, IL.
Bob Wong
Photograph of Bob Wong Bob
currently at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Suzanne Alonzo
Holly Kindsvater and Suzanne Alonzo at Yale University (maternal effects, life-history allocation, and mate choice)
Trisha Butkowski
Trisha Butkowski, Dreamworks Animation, Los Angeles (3D animation)
Michael Ryan
Pamela Willis and Michael Ryan, UT-Austin (direct costs of hybridization)
Jerry Johnson
Jerry Johnson, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah (3D animation)
Peter Sorenson
Peter Sorenson and Hangkyo Lim, University of Minnesota (Fish pheromone)
Rich Serva
Rich Serva , American Livebearer Association, Stow, Ohio (Xiphophorus Biology)
Francisco García de León
Francisco García de León, CIBNOR, La Paz (evolutionary genetics of hybrid zones)
Guillermina Alcaráz Zubeldia
Karla Kruesi Cortés and Guillermina Alcaráz Zubeldia, UNAM, Mexico City (mate choice and physiological ecology of swordtails)
Scott Monks
Christian Bautista Hernández, Scott Monks, Griselda Pulido Flores, UAEH, Pachuca (parasite ecology)
Hector Espinosa Pérez
Gaston Jofre and Hector Espinosa Pérez, UNAM (natural selection on male traits)
Palestina Guevara Fiore
Palestina Guevara Fiore, Deakin University (male mate choice)
Christine Dreyer
Christine Dreyer, MPI-Tuebingen, Germany (evolutionary genomics)
Alastair Wilson
Alastair Wilson, U. of Edinburgh (indirect genetic effects)
Bettina Tassino
Bettina Tassino, Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay(speciation)